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Traans Global – Lightening Up the Country!

In the LED lighting world, Traans Global is capturing the commercial market with the best one amongst the LED Light Manufacturers in Delhi NCR. Its product range is the freshest in technology, greenest in use and finest in quality. Based in Faridabad, Haryana, Traans Global is the proud manufacturer of LED products for both domestic and commercial purposes for indoor and outdoor lighting. The most robust business vertical for Traans Global is the renewable energy resources. In a very short span, it has captured the market with its wide variety of LED products of various forms and colours. It is quality that brings reliability, and this is what is maintained and worked for at Traans Global every day. We, at Traans Global, thrive to meet the promises made to our customers by taking a careful decision right from material selection to packaging of the products. It is the prime focus of every individual employer at Traans Global to show a revolution in the manufacturing of the conventional lighting systems and bring to reality the UJALA scheme launched by the Narendra Modi led Government. Hand-in-hand with this scheme, Traans Global targets towards the development of India as the LED capital of the world.

UJALA Everywhere

Traans Global, hand-in-hand with the UJALA program, strives to bring LED to every street and every house within a year or two. We, at Traans Global, promote the benefits of LED to be enjoyed by every household in the coming two years. Traans Global stands top in the list of best LED Light Manufacturers in Delhi NCR for its sincere effort towards the meeting of the promise to give longer life expectancy up to 100.000 hours. Yes! You read it right; we give you 11 years of continuously illuminated homes or 22 years of 50% operation. We make you the happy owner of a bulb, which, after you leave operating for 8 hours a day, will keep brightening your life till a whole long 20 years before you need a change. Compared to the traditional forms of lighting, the LED solutions from Traans Global hold the crown amongst the best LED light manufacturers in India . This is because of the quality they uphold by producing highly energy efficient lights that convert 80-90% of the electrical energy to light, and only 10-20% is converted into heat. Just opposite to the traditional lights, that converted 20% to light energy and releasing 80% heat. At Traans Global, our primary responsibility is towards our Mother Nature and Earth where we exist. This is the reason behind our continuous efforts to make our LEDs completely toxins-free. In comparison to the conventional incandescent, fluorescent lighting systems, the LEDs we produce are free from mercury that is known to be the most harmful element for our environment. The LEDs we produce are 100% recyclable that will also help you reduce your carbon footprint

Best in the League of LED Light Manufacturers in Delhi NCR

Our LEDs are durable lighting solutions that contain highly sturdy components and can stand any rugged and toughest condition. They are nowadays proposed to replace the traditional street lighting system in Delhi and all over the country for it being highly shockproof to external impacts. They can easily withstand weather extremes, traffic-related exposure to public and other sorts of external vandalism. More importantly, Traans Global like other LED Light Manufacturers in Delhi NCR, produce lights that have very less infrared emission, and close to no UV rays of radiation. This is the reason why our lights are getting a place in most places where objects are heat sensitive like museums, archaeological sites and art galleries. We, at Traans Global, not only think about utility, but also about design and flexibility, which, according to us, are also the important things for consideration. Fantastic lighting with effective distribution of lights is achieved when the design is up-to-the-mark, which takes care not only of your eyes, but also your mood in a larger way. In the process of illuminating every corner of our country, Traans Global also joins the pledge with UJALA scheme and stand tall among the LED Light Manufacturers in Delhi NCR.

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